Article about how to add self-value to your life

Honour your worth

I was driving today and started thinking: why do we need to wait for success to feel good? why can't be just feel-good NOW? 

It is so hard to be a woman in today’s world… We live in a world where the achievement culture reins, apparently success depends solely on diplomas, certifications, relationship status, achievements, prizes, or any external recognition in general and now you can add being “verified” and having a huge following on social media to that list ha!

No, I’m not trying to diminish any of your accomplishments, they are cool don’t get me wrong, but these are not the things that add VALUE to who you really ARE! YOU are NOT your achievements! YOU ARE your successes and your failures, ALL of it, because what didn’t work out made you learn, made stronger and changed you forever.

So next time you’re feeling down thinking about ALL that you haven’t accomplish yet I challenge you to write a diploma to yourself that says something like: Congratulations for working restlessness every day, for trying your best, for not giving up, for making stupid mistakes, for honoring your worth and still feel valuable because YOU ARE

Verified yourself, value yourself, congrats yourself and let that consume you, that energy is strong enough to make you go places where you don’t really need to hold any other diploma!

Celebrate yourself as the woman you ARE! because YOU ARE UNIQUE and freaking awesome!!!

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