About Us

Daniela Millan and Lorena Millan are the co-founders of the jewelry brand Daniela Millan crafted in Mexico based in Miami.

We believe jewelry represents the most important complement because it has the power to project and express our personality, our style and confidence. Our creations come from a unique interpretation of classic jewelry with a modern twist. 

There's no piece of jewelry with more magnetism than a pair of earrings. They are unquestionably the center of attention and the ultimate accessory that can’t never be absent! From Hoops, studs, singles, climbers, chandeliers and more, earrings are always needed, they make a statement, they are the one element outside your face people instantly look at when they see you for the first time. We have fun styling with earrings to amplify a look, to make it more dramatic, more romantic, elegant, fun or simply versatile.

We feel it's important to collaborate with causes that support our community, especially women. We support She’s The First, an amazing Foundation that empowers little girls because no matter where they are born, they deserve to be educated, respected, and heard. Besides making a monthly donation coming from our profit we want to raise their voice through our social media channels and network

Practicing Fair Trade makes us stay on track with our goals, especially with women in our workforce. It's very important for us to give them all the opportunities. 

We believe that purchasing decisions can make different impacts on the environment, the consumer's health and life in general and for this reason we create timeless good quality pieces.


A crocheted gold circle shape, the same shape we used for our first signature earrings. It’s the perfect description of what it is to be a woman, sometimes complex, a woman with many challenges, a multitasking woman who’s always moving, taking turns and adapting but always beautiful, confident, strong and unique. This is our daily inspiration.